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Motorcycling / Dual Sports

Dual Sport Motorcycling

I wanted to show some pictures of dual sport riding near our rental homes here in East Texas. All pictures are within six miles of  our rental homes. Endless exploring at your doorstep!

Old houses abound. We literally pass hundreds of abandoned farm homes on every trip. The travel can be what you want it to be. Hard packed better groomed roads are everywhere and if you want to pick it up a notch or two you can find plenty of more aggressive riding.

These roads are a stones throw from the homes. When your done, swim in the lake or soak in the hot tub! Bring the wife and kids or a few friends to help share the cost. We have a garage full of tools and secure parking. We can help with supplies if needed. Both homes have fire pits and plenty of wood. All this and you can be home in time for dinner and not be tired. Such a different world and so close to the big cities!

Motorcycle Riding

Learn more at the East Texas Motorcycle Forums!

We feel your vacation rental with us will be different than any others you may have tried. As people who ride  and understand the needs of bikers, we try our best to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. Knowing it can be difficult to carry food and other items on a bike we can arrange to have groceries and  supplies at the home waiting for your arrival. We have a complete set of tools to help with bike repairs and are willing to assist in almost any way possible.

We offer secure covered parking for your bike(s) and have hoses and cleaning supplies if needed! We will work with you to choose a ride that suits you needs.  We will work hard to make this a trip you will remember and a home you will want to revisit!