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Rental Policies

Vacation Country Rentals
442 Dogwood Lane West (office)
Crockett, TX. 75835
281-468-4503 or 713-826-6959

Reservation Policies:
All our booking is online unless special arrangements are made with the office.

Bookings more than 30 days prior to arrival require a ½ payment.

Bookings under 30 days prior to arrival require a full payment.

You will be notified 31 days prior to arrival that the card on file will be charged the next day. Please notify us of any changes in credit card information to avoid any disruption.

Any changes in the above procedure must be agreed to in advance and in writing, no exceptions.

Be sure to read our Cancellation and Occupancy Policies provided in this document.

Security Deposit:
Renters acknowledge that Vacation Country Rentals has the right to charge the credit/ debit card on file for damages to the home that are above and beyond normal wear and tear. Any loss or damage to any Vacation Country Rental property can be deducted from your credit/debit card, including, but not limited to the following: Damage to the property, home or yard or if the number of guests exceeds that which is listed for the property.

Excessive cleaning/laundry or rearranging furniture that has been moved, replacement of missing items from unit (including towels), soiling of towels, linens & carpets, boating items damaged or lost, costs of cleaning beyond the normal, costs to replace keys and misuse of items belonging to the property. Violation of our no pet policy and Excessive trash will incur charges. Pets brought into a non pet friendly home (Creekside is the only pet friendly home) or smoking will incur an automatic $300 fee for each violation.

Cancellation Policy:
Any cancellations made 90 days prior to arrival will receive a full refund minus a $150.00 cancellation fee (per property).

Cancellations taking place under 90 days and before 31 days will forfeit the initial 50% deposit.

Cancellations taking place under 30 days will forfeit total payment.

We do not allow rescheduling.

We do not allow sub leasing.

Read this section carefully:

You cannot exceed the occupancy limits listed per home. You can rent multiple homes for additional guests (there are still limits on guests allowed per home) we do have a function hall area for larger groups and events available for an additional fee. (Call for clarification when booking larger groups.)

We do not allow day guests exceeding the property totals (Strictly enforced)

Exceeding totals will result in a minimum charge of 50% of daily rental, additional charges possible as well as eviction without refund, or both.


Maximum of 22 guests if Lakeside is the only home rented (no pets).

There can be a maximum of up to 36 guests if all guests are staying in another one of our properties.  To be allowed to have the 36 total  would require rental of Pats Place, the amount of people allowed would drop in total guests count with the rental of smaller homes (amounts listed below). At no time shall the amount of guests exceed sleeping totals for he homes rented, or exceed the 36 total. The sleeping total for Lakeside is 22 maximum. Larger groups will require rental of the event hall as well as additional homes.

Pats Place:

Maximum of 14 guests If Pats Place is the only home rented (no pets)

There can be a maximum of up to 24 guests, if all guests are staying in another one of our properties. To be allowed to have the 24 total would require the rental of Henry’s Hideaway the amount of people allowed would drop in total guests count allowed with the rental of smaller homes. At no time shall the amount of guests exceed the sleeping totals for the homes rented, or exceed the 24 total limit.The sleeping totals for Pats Place is 14 maximum. Larger groups will require rental of the event hall as well as additional homes.

Henry’s Hideaway:     Maximum of 10 guests (no pets)

Awesome View:         Maximum of   7 guests (no pets)

The Gregory:             Maximum of   7 guests (no pets)

Creekside:                 Maximum of   6 guests pets allowed with non refundable deposit

Exceeding these limits could result in eviction and/ or significant charges.

We only rent to responsible adults. Adults can not rent homes for underage renters.

We do not rent to prom groups, school or graduation groups, fraternities or sororities or youth groups with or without supervision. Any use of the home for anything other than a family vacation must be addressed at the time of the reservation.

Use of watercraft:
We cannot over emphasize the importance of water safety. We ask you familiarize yourself with State laws and follow them. We ask all guests wear properly fitting lifejackets and strongly recommend bringing your own personal flotation devices. You are unsupervised when using watercraft and are responsible for the safety of your guests. Be sure adults accompany children at all times when on, or near the water. A link to State laws is sent with the welcome letter and should be read.

Sudden storms and/or high winds are not uncommon. Boat wakes can swamp kayaks.

Report any equipment problems to us immediately. Please remember, a safe trip starts with a properly fitting Life Jacket. It can mean the difference between life or death.

Steep Inclines and Hazards Exist:
We will not tolerate unruly, out of control children. Please monitor your children for their own protection and comfort of other guests. We have steep steps, Rocks, water and a multitude of other hazards that can cause serious harm or death. We enjoy seeing children enjoy themselves, safely.

Trip Insurance:
We understand that there can be unforeseen emergencies that could cause you to cancel your reservation. There are companies that offer insurance and a simple search should provide a list to choose from. This agreement is between you and the insurance company and does not involve Vacation Country Rentals.

Large Groups and Reunions:
We strongly recommend calling to discuss our policies for larger groups. A general outline for smaller groups is provided in the occupancy section of this agreement.

Check in/check out times:     
Check in 3:00 p.m. Check out 11:00 a.m.

Property Damage:
This rental property is a private residence and you agree to indemnify the owner(s) for any loss to the property or its contents that occur during your stay. The guest (principal signer and/or other guests) will be responsible for all damages accidental or malicious.

We do not give refunds for rainy or overcast days, hurricanes, low lake levels or mandatory evacuations during severe weather threats, or for early departures. No refunds made for power, cable or telephone outages, we will report the problem. We do not refund for appliance, plumbing, mechanical or utility failure. Report all problems to the office and we will try our best to fix them.

We do not allow pets at any property except for Creekside (with non refundable deposit). If a pet has been brought into the home that’s not pet friendly, you will be charged an automatic $300.00 fee for deep cleaning. No exceptions.

Smoking: Not Allowed
Smoking is not allowed in the any home. Ashtrays are available. Please use them outside on the decks. Violations will incur a minimum $300.00 dollar cleaning deodorizing fee.

We have a large raccoon population that loves the trash. Please have all your bagged trash put in the blue dumpster by dusk. The dumpster is located on O’connell Trail behind Henry’s Hideaway. Please ask if you can’t find it.

RV’S and campers are not permitted on the grounds or the houses at any time, parking is not allowed on the street, lawns or neighboring properties. If additional parking is needed please contact us in advance so we can make arrangements. We offer motorcycle parking in a neighboring secure building with advance notice.

ATV’s and Motorcycles:
People bringing 4 wheelers and/or motorcycles are asked to exercise a few simple rules. The roads are private and homeowners are responsible for their upkeep. We ask that you avoid driving through the subdivision as much as possible. When you do ride through, keep your speed reasonable. People that cause damage to the roads may be evicted or charged for road repairs. This property is patrolled by the Houston County Sheriffs office. 936-544-2862

Prior to Checkout:

  1. All dishes, pots and pans, silverware etc. Should be placed in the dishwasher and the dishwasher run.
  2. All trash must be bagged and placed in the blue dumpster behind Henry’s Hideaway Excessive trash

3.Please replace all outside furniture back where it was upon arrival.

  1. Please turn off all lights, close windows and lock property. If there were Keys they can be left on the kitchen table. Please set heat or A/C at conserving settings.

Any home left in dirty condition will be charged a minimum of an extra $100.00 cleaning fee.
* Noncompliance with the rental agreement, terms & conditions, occupancy rules, subdivision restrictions, guest rules, or pet restrictions any illegal activity or conduct creating a nuisance, waste hazard or disturbance are each grounds for immediate eviction without refund.